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nora is the dancing queen

New Vegas Companions + Perks


My first RWBY fanart completed one year today and I thought it would be nice if I did a redraw and here it is! Ended up doing an entire stream for it, haha. ;u;


I can’t believe my first rwby fanart was from a pun


Would you kindly "花の専門店" /// MACINTOSH PLUS?


Would you kindly "花の専門店" /// MACINTOSH PLUS?


grunt building his own model ships and putting them in shepard’s cabin with a handmade card using crayons he found in kasumi’s room

shepard having thane assign grunt a ‘reading list’ so the young krogan can expand his mind and horizons beyond warfare and battle

grunt sitting with shepard as she mopes in her cabin after the incident with kaidan on horizon - trying to make his battlemaster/mother smile again 

grunt hearing james call shepard ‘lola’ and thinking it’s an insult to her honor and throws the marine across the shuttlebay, while cortez laughs so hard he falls over

grunt making threatening gestures to kaidan behind shepard’s back when he visits her on the normandy  

grunt finding shepard in a pile of rubble after she ends the war

grunt standing a vigil inside shepard’s room as he awaits for his mother to wake up

grunt proclaiming his mother’s awakening from the tops of the hospital she is in care at after the reaper war

shepard taking grunt to an aquarium back on earth and buys him several posters of sharks to hang up in his room

grunt having a crush on a beautiful young asari commando and asking shepard how to courting works for ‘those blueys’

grunt taking his asari girlfriend to meet shepard for the first time and slightly nervous to his mother’s reaction to his lover - until shepard pulls the blue maiden into an embrace, saying how excited she is to finally meet her son’s mate

an older shepard cradling a small blue bundle in her arms and making cooing noises at the new edition to her family, as the baby grasps one of her fingers in its hand

grunt calling shepard stressed over how to handle his daughter’s suitors - wanting to know whether and shotgun or fist would be more acceptable

shepard’s granddaughter’s and their daughters attending shepard’s memorial with a very old krogan long after the commander has passed


  • tal-vashoth mothers, watching their vashoth children grow taller and stronger, helping them braid their hair past their horns and telling them they could wrestle a bronto
  • tal-vashoth children learning how to handle bows and swords and daggers at an early age, having makeshift belts/sheaths hanging from their hips as they dart through city streets playing with other children
  • tal-vashoth fathers growing anxious when their children display magic abilities, remembering they’re not with the Qun anymore, shoulders sinking, relaxing and knowing their children are safe— they won’t let the Templars near them
  • tal-vashoth families huddled under cover in caves from rain and thunder and lightning, wrapped up in a blanket riddled with moth-eaten holes, parents telling them stories about what’s causing the thunder and lightning, children reaching out with their chubby grey hands, droplets splashing onto their skin
  • tal-vashoth families defying how Qunari raise children (○ω○✿)


okay but hawke’s basically the bob belcher of kirkwall, right?

like really

Anders: Hawke, help me collect poop in a dark cave, that’s what friends do
Hawke: oh my god

Isabela: I might have stolen a precious religious artifact from the qunari
Hawke: oh my god

Fenris: yeah i didn’t mean for there to be quite so many heavily-armed slavers there when i hired an unaware third party under false pretenses
Hawke: oh my god

Hawke: oh my god

No more escape

venom of the red lotus + korra in the avatar state


honestly my dad is such a freak he never says goodnight like a normal person he just says “i’ll be back” and he goes upstairs and when you ask where he is or go looking for him hes asleep and the next morning when you see him he just says “good morning im back’ like what is wrong with him